Photo: Carl Ribbegårdh

FIS World Cup 2019

25 Mar - 26 Mar

Racing on the top of the world.

FIS World Cup, Race 5

Date Type
3/25/2019 Qualification
3/26/2019 Race Day

Track Data

Name Chabrière
Location Vars
Country France
Track Record 254.95
Record Holder Ivan Origone
FIS Homologation Number 3678.2891
Inspector CRISTINA Luc
Vertical Drop 435
Competition Track Length 670
Braking Zone Length 450
Total Length 1220
Elevation Top 2720 m a.s.l.
Elevation Bottom 2285 m a.s.l.
Speed Max 250


The Chabrieres Track.


It's something unique.

Standing at the top of Chabriere's Peak, feels like standing on the top of the world. The view is amazing! And it's horrifying.
There is no track like the Chabrieres in Vars. It's much steeper than most slopes. It's much longer than most slopes. And nowhere in the world it's possible to go as fast as here. This is the core of Speed Skiing.

World cup races starts at the very bottom. This is at the top of the M-shaped Cat-track on the picture. Skiers who haven't raced here before quite often do personal best runs already from there. It looks like it's on the bottom of the hill, but in fact the length from there is quite similar to many other tracks full length. Speeds around 160-190 km/h depending on class and conditions.

Next start is the first net on the right side of the slope in the photo here. From here the track is already very steep. Speeds around 170-200 km/h.

The third start is below the traverse. Sometimes at the second net, sometimes higher, depending on class and conditions. From here on the track is so steep that the racers has to stomp platforms while waiting for start. Snow balls constantly rolls down here due to racers movement further up the track. This is the highest S2 skiers start in World Cup races. Speeds around 180-220 km/h.

The traverse is where the S1 World Cup finals usually starts. This is also where S2 normally starts in Speed Masters. Speeds around 190-230. Beyond this point, few skiers in the world starts.

Just above this point is the Rock (which can be seen in the last picture taken from the bottom of the track). This is Speedmasters territory. Only invited racers that previously have skied above 225km/h can start. Circa 25 persons in the race can from here. In order to get here, racers needs to go to the top, and then slide down holding a safety rope. From here the speeds are between 215 and 240. This is the steepest place of the track.

Between the Rock and the Top of the track is many years where the Speed Masters finals end. To get to this place, racers slide down from the top holding a safety rope. Looking at the finish area from here, people are the size of ants. Around 15 racers per year can start from here. Speeds are around 225 and 250+ km/h.

If the conditions are such that a top start is possible, and a world record has not yet been set, a top start is the final run of Speed Masters. Around 8 to 10 people are usually able to start here.
This is where World Records are set. Speed Skiing is very much a mental sport. Anyone starting here, is able to control their nerves. Coming up to this height and starting here is very much about getting used to the height, the view, and the speed. Being prepared. Being in control. Speeds here are between 230 and 256+ km/h.

Vars, Chabrieres track, located on Chabrieres Peak is not like anything else. Much more than half a kilometer of acceleration. Three times the length of other tracks.

This is it!


La Forêt Blanche

Vars - one resort, four villages

Vars, which comprises 4 mountain hamlets, extending along the Grandes Alpes route, combines the charm and authenticity of traditional villages with the comfort of a major Winter sports resort.
Vars is an exclusive location with wonderful natural heritage and a distinct mountain character.

Saint Marcellin is the first of the Villages you arrive to and is the oldest and holds memories of the region's past.

Sainte Catherine is the second of the villages and the districts former granary. It enjoys wonderfully sunny weather and typical architecture for the region.

Sainte Marie is the gateway to the ski area and is where the first tourist infrastructures were built (ski lifts, hotels etc.)

Les Claux is where the racing happens and most of the racers stay. The village center has the Chabrieres Cabin lift we use to get to the track. Just next to the lift is the Tourist Office, where meetings are held. Outside the Tourist office, in the middle of the village, price ceremonies are usually held. On the other side of the street just to the right, is Tam-Tam where you can find great photos of the races and it's athletes.

Lift tickets

In order to access the track you need to go with the Chabrieres Cabin Lift.

Ski passes can be bought from here:


Vars has a huge amount of hotels, chalets and apartments. Track access is fastest and easiest from the Chabrieres Cabin lift in Les Claux.

Track Access

To the Finish Area

  1. Start with the Gondola/Telecabine "Chabrieres" just behind the Tourist Info in Les Claux, Vars. When exiting the gondola the track is right up the hill in front of you.
  2. Take left and go down Clapier to the Crevoux lifts.
  3. Go up with the Crevoux lift.
  4. Ski right on the Mouree slope to the Finish area.

To the top of the track

  1. Start with the Gondola/Telecabine "Chabrieres" just behind the Tourist Info in Les Claux, Vars. When exiting the gondola the track is right up the hill in front of you.
  2. Take left and go down Clapier to the Crevoux lifts.
  3. Take the Chair Lift/Télésiège to the top.
  4. Ski down on the other side of the mountain to the Chabrieres lift.
  5. Take the Chabrieres lift to the top.
  6. Ski right at the end of the lift, soon turning left to the start of the race track.

Without skis

  1. Start with the Gondola/Telecabine "Chabrieres" just behind the Tourist Info in Les Claux, Vars. 
  2. When exiting the gondola the track is right up the hill in front of you.
  3. Walk from here to the finish area of the track.