Photo: Lars Beskow

FIS World Cup 2019

7 Mar - 9 Mar

The steepest groomed slope in Europe. > 103%

FIS World Cup, Race 3

Date Type
3/7/2019 Qualification
3/8/2019 Race Day

FIS World Cup, Race 4

Date Type
3/9/2019 Race Day

Track Data

Name Chocken
Location Idre Fjäll
Country Sweden
Track Record 180.04
Record Holder Christian Jansson
FIS Homologation Number 5130/71/98
Inspector Martial Martreuil
Vertical Drop 161
Competition Track Length 400
Braking Zone Length 280
Total Length 680
Elevation Top 872 m a.s.l.
Elevation Bottom 711 m a.s.l.
Speed Max 180


"The Shock"

The Shock is a track that gives even the most experienced speed skiers a challenge. Starting steep, almost the same inclination all the way down, and a very short transition at the bottom, makes the track difficult to master. Some have problems from the start, or the drop, with getting into the position fast enough. Many have problems with going too high in the transition, causing spectacular crashes at times.Only one skier have gone faster than 180 km/h here, Christian Jansson from Sweden.

First runs are always done from 1/3 down in the slope, at the start called "Chicken". A snow road is cut out by hand on the skiers right from the top going around the rocks to the Chicken start. Officials are standing with com radios on the top, Chicken and the bottom to ensure the track is clear when starting from Chicken.
Speeds are around 140-160 km/h from Chicken.

Starting from the edge will ensure that the skier is having normal high way speed when passing chicken. Speeds are usually between 175 and 145 km/h from the edge.

A huge snow ramp behind the edge, is an additonal start that is purpose built with snow machines for the race. Starting from the snow ramp, the skiers sees nothing of the track beyond the edge. Painted lines in the snow, and trees beyond the course are used to locate the chosen line down the track. When going over the edge in speed it's common that the skiers get air time, but it's being avoided as much as possible in order to get optimal acceleration. In practice sessions, downhill equipment class skiers has been seen flying all the way down to the rocks above chicken start.
Speeds from the snow pile beyond the edge are between 180+ and 145 km/h.

The Shock is a track that is equally loved and feared by the racers.

Idre Fjäll

Idre Fjäll Race Arena

Idre Fjäll is the home of Speed Skiing in Sweden. It has the steepest groomed slope in Europe, "Chocken".

Wintertime 40 slopes and 27 lifts gathered around a beautiful mountain. Here you will find both the longest slope in Dalarna and the steepest slope you will find, and everything in between. On Idre Fjäll is slopes for confident, hesitant, cruisers and enthusiast skiers. In short – for alll kinds of ski personalities regardless of age and skill level.

Idre Fjäll Race Arena is a world class venue for ski racing. We provide training and race events in Alpine Ski Racing, Ski Cross, Cross-country Skiing, Biathlon and Speed Skiing. We open in October on stored snow, man made snow and snow from our own snow factory to secure optimal training conditions for hard charging athletes.

Always willing to share our passion and knowledge of the Alpine environment. Always keeping an open mind and being willing to learn from each other about how to improve ourselves and the sport. Always making sure to care for mother nature and the alpine environment.

Lift tickets

Ski pass is bought at the Reception in the Ski Center. If you have a ski pass with a WTP number, you can refill it online.
Racers have special deals. Refer to the official invitation.

Race area

Access to the timing- and finish area is free. The top of the race track is restricted to racers and crew only.


Idre Fjäll has beautiful cottages and hotel rooms next to the slopes. This is the closest and best accommodation you can find.

You can also find cottages and apartments around the mountain through

Further down, in the village about 10 minutes drive you can find additional accomodation.

Track Access

The track can be accessed from the lift, and you can arrive at the timing zone or the finish area.
The top of the track is restricted area during races.

To the timing zone

  1. Take the lift up to the restaurant at the top of the mountain.
  2. Go down the black diamond slope "Tävlingsbacken".
  3. Half way down look for an opening in the trees to the left. There is a snow road going left that leads directly to the timing zone of the Chocken speed track.
    During races the opening is usually marked with banners.

To the finish area

  1. Take the lift up to the restaurant at the top of the mountain.
  2. Go down the black diamond slope "Tävlingsbacken".
  3. There is a small transport lift on the left of the chair lift.
  4. Ski along the transport lift down to the finish area.