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Simone Origone


Simone Origone is the most successful Speed Ski racer in the history. Since 2004 he has been collecting first places in the World Cup, World Championships and Speed Masters like no other racer.

  • He has won the total Speed Ski World Cup 9 times.
  • He has won the World Championships 5 times
  • He has 3 world records:
    • 2006: 251,40 km/h
    • 2014: 252,454 km/h
    • 2015: 252,632 km/h.

He has also one World Championship Silver medal, won the Pro World Cup 4 times, and won the Speed Masters 5 times (three of which were world records).

Simone was born in Aosta 1979. He started skiing when he was 3 years old, with his father who was an alpine ski instructor. He soon started alpine racing in the Val d'Ayas ski club. From the age of 16, he was seriously pushing in the alpine racing programs. He raced until the 1998/1999 season when he ended his alpine racing career due to illness.

In 2003, he went with a friend to try out the famous Olympic track of Les Arcs 2000. Using downhill equipment, he reached the speed of 179 km/h and he was hooked.

He signed up to his first race in 2003, the PROMONDIAL in Les Arcs, and won it with a speed of 200.89 km/h.He was soon called by the Italian national speed ski team and his new speed skiing carreer was a fact.

Simone has a natural talent to go really fast, and he has changed the technique and the position many racers use to reach top speeds. Still his career hasn't always been easy. He's had his share of injuries and falls, and has like a lot of former alpine skiers pain in his knees.

Currently Simone works as a Ski instructor and mountain guide in the beautiful mountains of Champoluc. He also works for the Helicopter Rescue in Aosta Valley, and is a professional Alpine Ski Wax tester for Toko. When possible Simone likes to climb mountains, ranging from tours in the beautiful Aosta Valley to full out expeditions, like climbing K2 in 2014.

Simone lives on and by the mountains.