Top Speed S1
234.834 km/h
- Year
- Track
Top Speed S2
192.800 km/h
- Year
- Track
First S1 Season
Year of birth
185 cm
98 kg

Speed 1

Reto Eigenmann


Reto Eigenmann is a Swiss speed ski athlete in the premier S1 class.

Reto was born in the small village Lachen in Switzerland. He started skiing when he was 7 years old. Reto soon began with alpine racing and was member of the racing team in the local ski club Siebnen. For 13 years Reto was racing, gaining a lot of valuable experience.

In 1981, when Reto was 11 years old, he was attacked by a virus, in the form of a newspaper article. In October 4th, 1981, the newspaper SonntagsBlick had a supplement about skiing. On the cover was a picture with a shark helmet. This helmet and the article burned into his brain and he just knew one day he would wear such a helmet. In retrospect, he still does not wear that exact helmet and it would take 27 more years before finally realizing the dream.

Reto started his in 2008 with the Xspeedski Series in Switzerland and won 2 of the races. He debuted later this year in the FIS Speed Ski World Cup in the SDH category using production downhill equipment. His first visit to Verbier resulted in a top speed of 165,45 km/h. The next year he improved it to 189,05 km/h at the same track.

In Salla 2010 Reto took his first podium results. Two 2'nd places in the FIS World Cup. From that moment Reto new he had found his pace and produced a continous string of top-10 results in all SDH World Cup races he started. In 2010 at the speed masters he set his fastest SDH speed, 192,80 km/h.

Reto transitioned 2011 the Speed 1 category. His first FIS World Cup race result in S1 was again a 5'th place. Due to the strong competition in S1 he couldn't maintain the uninterrupted top-10 results. Still half of the races he's succeeded to do it. His best place is 4'th in Andorra 2016. He likes Andorra and always seem to get good results there.

His current top speed is from the Speed Masters 2016, where he reached 234,834 km/h at the Chabrieres track in Vars.

Reto lives in Steinhausen and has one son. The off season is spent in the gym doing fitness or outdoors hiking.