Top Speed S1
215.710 km/h
- Year
- Track
First S1 Season
Year of birth
182 cm
78 kg

Speed 1

Mats Abrahamsson


Mats Abrahamsson is a Swedish speed skier competing in the Speed 1 category.

Mats was born in Gothenburg. He's been skiing since as long as he can remember. He got his first real contact with the sport some 30 years ago in Chamonix. There was a speed ski track open for testing. Of course he had to try it, and he really liked it. However, nothing significant happened until 2008, when Mats decided to try the sport for real and ran some National races. This led to him racing the World Cup races in the SDH standard production class in Idre and Sälen 2009.

Being an engineer, skilled in fluid dynamics, he quickly switched to the S1 class where he could put his expertise to use. At this time, Mats also decided to design and build a new S1 helmet, with both top safety and aerodynamics. The helmet is wildly popular among the Swedish racers and is currently on it's 3'rd evolution.

His first visit to Verbier 2010 brought him into the 200 club with a speed of 204.24 km/h. In 2011, at Väggen in Sälen, Sweden, Mats took his first 10'th position in a FIS Speed Ski S1 World Cup race. In the World Championships in Vars two years later, Mats skied his personal best 215.71 km/h. Later the same year, he took his first 8'th position in Idre.
In Idre 2016, Mats again took a step towards the top and finished 6'th in both World Cup races there.

Looking at the trend, 2018 could be very interesting.

Mats lives in Gothenburg and is training Speed Skiing with all of his 3 kids. Besides Speed Skiing he does a lot of cycling and competes on an amateur level in Cyclocross and Cross Country Mountainbiking.