Top Speed S1
248.790 km/h
- Year
- Track
Les Arcs
First S1 Season
Year of birth
183 cm
98 kg


Speed 1

Jukka Viitasaari


Jukka Viitasaari is the Finnish Record Holder, and as of 2017 the 9'th fastest person in The World ever.

Jukka started ski racing at the age of 11 in the national SDH series, and he was always thrilled about speed.

His World Cup racing carreer begun 1998 in Väggen, Hundfjället, where he immediately showed his strength by taking a second place, with the speed of 178.390, only 0.09 km/h after the winner.  By March 2000 he had improved his personal best to 220,183 km/h. In Les Arcs 2002 he pushed it further to 238.89 km/h. Less than 0.5 km/h behind the Finnish Speed Skiing record.

It would take another 3 years until he beat his record again, now with a speed of 248,45 km/h, beating the national record with 9 km/h. In 2006 he set the current Finnish record at 248.79 in Les Arcs. At the time, the 3'rd fastest time in the world.

Jukka won the FIS Speed Skiing World Championship twice, in Les Arcs, France 2001, and in Salla, Finland 2003.

In Salla 2009 he finished his carreer with a second place. Throughout this remarkable carreer he was only outside top 10 twice, grabbing 7 first places, 7 second places and 7 third places.

For 8 years Jukka was away from the sport, lately with a growing thought of a comeback. In 2017, at the FIS Speed Skiing World Championship in Idre, with a 5'th place Jukka was back!

This season will be, mildly put, very interesting.