Manuel Kramer wins the first race in Canada

Race Report WC 5, Sun Peaks - 5 March 2018

The first race in Sun Peaks was settled in sligthly overcast conditions. but with a track that's better than ever.

The snow has truly been falling this season, and Sun Peaks is no exception. With this much snow, the track is smoother and better than ever. The famous lips where racers usually get airborne, saw no air time the first race at all. Only pure speed.

The Austrian Manuel Kramer won the first of the three races in the Headwalls track in Canada. With the result he gains on the current leader Simone Origone.
Ivan Origone, the current world record holder, took the second place, his best result so far this season.
Ivan's big brother Simone was using a very interesting matte black suit during training. In the race he used his normal suit thou. He was very fast, comfortably leading the first two runs, but had problems in the final run and finshed third.
Bastien Montes in 4'th place was starting the day on the same speed as 5'th placed Jan Farell, but pulled ahead as the speeds increased.

In the womens race, Valentina Greggio again on first place, but second placed Celia Martinez has really closed up and posted almost identical speeds the last two runs, finishing only 0.27 km/h after Valentina.
Will she be able to beat Valentina?
Tomoko Shimbo made a very welcome comeback after her long break from racing. She last raced in Idre 2015, when she had problems and got injured falling in high speed. It's great to see her back again!

Mens S2 was won by Suisse racer Michel Goumouens, closely followed by Canadas Brad Wallinder, and last years sensation Mika Jeffrey.

Tomorrows race will be interesting with increasing speeds and hopefully warmer snow.

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Photos: Sun Peaks Speed Skiing Club