Race Report WC 3, Salla - 10 Feb 2018

The wind and the different track has made the results more unpredictable. Klaus Schrottshammer was looking very strong being fastest in qualification, but fell to 6'th for the final, while team mate Manuel Kramer started out in 10'th place but jumped to the top in the semi final. Simone Origone had a bad semi final but nailed the final and took the Gold in the 3'rdh World Championship race.

Like many racers Bastien Montes had problems with fogging and wind, but managed to get a clean run and climbed to second place from 8'th in the semi, climbing in the the world cup standings.

The Finnish racer Jukka Viitasaari placed 4'th, but felt it could have been better. He is still plagued by fever, hoping it will subside for tomorrow. Chris Gebbie from New Zealand was looking to do a good result, but fell on the final run in the timing.

Karine Dubouchet Revol has made a comeback. She announced last year at the World Championships in Idre that it was her last year. Not racing in Vars, it seemed like it would be so, but now she has once again joined France Speed Ski Team and placed 3'rd just behind Celia Martinez. Valentina Greggio claims her 3'rd victory in the World Championships. Is she still unbeatable?

Two racers that are worth checking out tomorrow is frenchman Simon Billy who were not more than a hair behind Klaus Shrottshammer, and russian Mikhail Schumilin was fast in qualification but dropped in the finals today. Expect them to challenge.

Two quick questions to Simone Origone

Coming from Vars last week, Salla high up in the northen Finland is quite a contrast?

There is a bit difference between a high speed race like in Vars, and a race like here. There is also often wind here, and the track is difficult, so it's hard to do a good race here. The snow is also completely different to the snow in southern Europe, so finding a good waxing solution is a challenge.

How was your runs today?

The last run was good. The semifinal wasn't fast, but I'm happy with the result.

World Cup standings

The results from the 3'rd World Cup race brings changes to the top. Simone Origone now leads with 20 points in front of Austrian Manuel Kramer. Bastien Montes climbs to third place, just 2 points ahead of Klaus Schrottshammer.

See the current standings: /Results/2018/S1/World-Cup-Standings

Race results

Link to race results WC race #3: /Results/2018/S1/World-Cup-Race-3-Salla

Tomorrow the 4'th FIS Speed Ski World Cup race will be held here in Salla.

Photo: Veronika Bekeš