Training Report WC 3, Salla - 9 Feb 2018

It's been a cold windy day in Salla. The days are much shorter here at the Arctic Circle than in the Alps. Two runs were  scheduled for today. First run at 11:00 and a second run at 13:30. In addition to the FIS Speed Ski World Cup S1 races, there is also a FIS S2 race here, where the competitors uses normal downhill equipment. We spoke to two of the racers from today.

Jukka Viitasaari - Finland

How does it feel to have the world cup on home soil again?

- It's really great to have the World Cup back to Finland.
I hope that the World Cup-races will continue here in Salla, Finland.

How was your runs today?

- The runs feel good, despite having a fever.

What is the key to master the salla track?

- The most important thing is to feel the track and let the skis runs smoothly.

Bastien Montes - France

We heard the night temperature were -27 tonight. How cold was it today?

- Not so cold today, only -8. But not really hot :)

How was the track today?

- Snow is warmer than yesterday and the track is a little bumpy.

How was your runs?

- My run were really good, great feeling, but my skis not enough fast for the moment. Tough fight today but the most important is tomorrow.

Is there fogging problems in the helmet with the cold temp?

- Fog is a big problem, and I need to find the best way to take care about lenses.

The Austrians and Italians seemed to check all the boxes in the first high speed races. Can the results change here in Salla?

- Tomorrow is the day. We are two French guys (me and Simon Billy) in the top 4 places... Hopefully we can do it!

Training results

Get the result list here: Official-ranking-training-9.2.2018.pdf