Training Cancelled in Vars due to heavy snowfall - WC 2018

The first day of the FIS Speed Ski World Cup 2018 was planned to be a training day. The weather had other thoughts. Wednesday evening it started snowing here in Vars, and Thursday morning had 20+ cm fresh powder everywhere, and the snow still dumping. It became inevitable to cancel the training day. In the afternoon the weather cleared up and Friday has shown the mountains from their best side. Especially if you are an off piste skier...

Today the Cats have been grooming all day. The track is now looking very good. Early tomorrow morning they are planning to do some more grooming in the breaking area, but the track seems finished for the race.

The racers have been inspecting the track during the day. At lunch time, many racers informally gathered in the breaking area. Everybody seemingly excited to get the season started, happy to see their racer colleagues again after a long break during the summer. Speed ski is known for the amazing atmosphere among racers, and it shows on an occasion such as this.

The races starts tomorrow, saturday at 11:30. The first start is from the top of the Cat track on the right, expecting speeds around 180 km/h. Two more starts are planned with higher starting positions and higher speeds.

This evening has seen the final preparations from the racers, waxing, brushing their skis for hours.

Tomorrow everything begins!