Simone optimistic about World Cup premiere

9x World Cup winner Simone Origone is a extraordinary fighter. 17'th january he had his fifth knee surgery and already today he was on skis, aiming to start the World Cup premiere in Vars 3'rd february.

Simone has long been plagued by knee problems, but has been dealing them with physical therapy, surgery, rehab and willpower. The left one is the usual culprit. This early winter however, his right knee was overstrained while compensating for the left. In december the problems was so big that skiing was no longer possible. He was examined by the Italian Ski Team physician, and they did a MRI of the knee. Pieces of cartilage and meniscus was found and a swift surgery was decided.

The surgery was made as minimal as possible, in order to minimize the convalescence. The plan is to look at the knee again after the racing season, deciding if more needs to be done with a longer rehab period. The plan so far seems to have been successful, because today (saturday) Simone was already out in the slopes in Champoluc. He was doing ski instruction during the day while trying how his knee felt and responded. Simone says that the knee doesn't feel 100% but it works good enough as of now. If the problems doesn't get worse, he says he's looking forward to race in the World Cup already next weekend in Vars.

Simone is a true fighter and we wish him all the best for the recovery and the race season.

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